FForum Topic of the Week ~ 03/26

~ 26 March 2004 ~


It’s Friday.

Fridays will generally be “Forum Topic of the Week” days, time permitting. The hot forum topic for this week is “Check Your Future PageRank” at SEO Chat forums.

RustyBrick’s tool attempts to “determine a future Google PageRank value of a particular site … as it would be after the next Google PageRank update.” For those of you not familiar with PageRank, read about it straight from the horse’s mouth. In short, it’s the reason why “miserable failure” yields a top spot to President Bush’s bio, even though the phrase isn’t mentioned anywhere on the page.


If you’re gullible enough to believe Google doesn’t have any plans for an IPO, then I better warn you that RustyBrick’s app—although clever—is likely not that reliable at all. However, for those without access to the Google Toolbar, it does give you an accurate current PageRank, which is spot-on as far as I can tell. Oh, and exclamation point removed from first sentence. I was a little too giddy about what turned out to be a lackluster Friday.


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1   Ryan Brill ~ 26 March 2004 at 03:38 PM

It’s interesting, but I wonder if it has any chance of being at all accurate? I couldn’t find anywhere that explains why this might work. I personally hope it does - it estimated a 34.75% increase on my site, from 5 to 7. ;)

2   Cameron ~ 26 March 2004 at 03:46 PM

I’m guessing this app is as reliable as a sundial at midnight… I posted it primarily because a few of the forum comments made me chuckle. (It predicts mine will rise to 8 up from 6, but I highly doubt that will happen.)


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