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You have scores of executive contacts in the network marketing and direct sales industry.

We have the web’s leading replicated website system.

Put two and two together and we’ll put money in your wallet.

Used by companies such as Tupperware Corporation and Melaleuca, Inc., Array Express is the #1 distributor website system for network marketing companies.

As an authorized reseller for Array Express, you’ll spend only a few hours total work per referral up until contract signing. After that, you’ve got a residual income with hardly any follow-up maintenance. You’ll have access to our stellar sales and marketing materials, and we’ll even conduct online demos once your contacts are ready.

“Array Express is the perfect fit for my clients. It just makes sense to refer Array to clients, especially when they look to me for help in creating a strong integrated marketing effort.”

–Kerri Scarbrough, Dream Builders

Ready to find out how to become a reseller? We’re excited to give you the chance to make a sizable residual income and to give your contacts the web’s leading distributor website system. Give us a call at (800) 407-9711 or request an information kit online.

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10% Residual Commission

As an authorized reseller, you’ll enjoy a 10% commission on revenues from accounts you bring to the table. At the very least, you’re guaranteed $500 monthly residual per account… read more

Authorized Reseller

Selling Array Express isn’t a challenging task. Finding the right companies, however, is. That’s where you come in. With top-level contacts & experience in the MLM industry, you’re the ideal reseller… read more

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