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Instructions: Use the form below to upload files for your Array Express project. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call your account manager at (800) 407-9711.

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Terms of Agreement
  1. The information included in my files is final and will be posted to my project’s pages in the same format I’ve provided.
  2. I will be billed for any content changes, such as misspellings, revisions or new additions, and the like at the rate of $XX per hour ($100 minimum per billing).
  3. If I need to resubmit these files for any reason, a $25 fee per submission will be charged to my account.
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  1. If you are uploading several files, please use WinZip (Windows) to create a “zipped” file, or StuffIt (Mac) to create a “stuffed” file.
  2. For larger files, be patient — it may take a minute or longer to upload the entire file.
  3. If your Word® document has images in it, please include copies of those images as separate files.
  4. If you prefer to have us download your files, please enter the FTP address (or website address) of the location of the files.