FForum Topic of the Week ~ 04/09

~ 09 April 2004 ~

The Host of Vesquar

If you were to ask me where most of my expertise lies, I’d probably say somewhere back in the rolling hills of Northern California. If you were to clarify your question by telling me you were speaking of design, I’d probably say something about photo manipulation. I love transforming raw photography into refined composites. Like this postcard, for example, which was meticulously constructed using these two photos: RBP0010070 & RBP0010073.

With that introduction as your springboard, dive into “The Host of Vesquar” at Graphic-Forums.com.

Posting from Poland, member “houk” doctors up an amazing piece of artwork using a handful of rather ordinary photos. Although I’ve spilled the beans (outcome shown above), I’ve got a feeling you’ll still be quite impressed with houk’s efforts.


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