Forum Topic of the Week ~ 04/23

~ 23 April 2004 ~

“The Shepherd” by Floriana Barbu

This week’s hot forum topic is “The shepard [sic] by Floriana Barbu” at forums.

Boasting a fabulous collection of reviews, galleries, and community discussion, was unknown to me until the latter part of this week, having landed on it after reading a few Q&As over at Edward Tufte’s site.

Click the link above and you’ll read member feedback given following the announcement of Floriana Barbu’s stunning photo, “The Shepherd,” as Photo of the Week.

And here’s what makes this week’s hot topic even hotter: Floriana wasn’t holding a $2,000 Canon SLR when she took the shot; she was holding a $200 Kodak digital camera. Unbelievable. Who knew?

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