Eternal Spamnation

~ 28 June 2004 ~

I must be setting a record of some sort. During the 96 hours of absence from email last week (vacation), I received 6,830 emails.

After purchasing 1,204 bottles of V|I|A|G|R|A, 543 d1pl0mas, 372 c@ble filterz, and 49 piiiiraaaated soooooftwaaaaaare packages, I think I’ve cleared out my inbox.

Given that roughly 98% of the email I’m currently receiving is spam, I might have missed a few emails. So if you contacted me and didn’t receive a response, a) I accidentally marked your email as spam and you need to contact me again, b) I think you’re a spammer or c) you’re definitely a spammer and I’ve filled my diploma quota for this month.

If you filled in bubble ‘a’ (No. 2 pencil only), try again and I’ll do my best to respond.


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