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~ 09 August 2004 ~

In tribute to Dan Cederholm’s SimpleQuiz, this week’s quiz is rather simple. Which of the following best describes Dan Cederholm?

  1. Amazingly wicked at pixel icon design
  2. CSS zen master
  3. The only new media blogger to report triple-digit comments within only hours of posting


Veer Veer: Visual Elements for Creatives.
Stock photography, type, and killer tees. Genuinely recommended by Authentic Boredom.

1   Joshua ~ 09 August 2004 at 06:21 AM

d) all of the above


2   Zelnox ~ 09 August 2004 at 06:48 AM

It is a trick question.

3   Darice de Cuba ~ 09 August 2004 at 06:59 AM

e) all of the above plus solution zen master. I Just finished his book, real well written and straight to the point.

4   Yannick L. ~ 09 August 2004 at 07:17 AM

I’d say all of the above, but definitely A & B.

5   Alex Weber ~ 09 August 2004 at 07:43 AM

I think A)

6   Gabriel Mihalache ~ 09 August 2004 at 08:05 AM

quiz > * { status: selected; }

7   Kim Siever ~ 09 August 2004 at 08:44 AM

Definitely agree with Joshua and Datrice de Cuba—D&E.

8   Mike P. ~ 09 August 2004 at 08:51 AM

Well, if you read the specs, you’d also include “author”; then I would select “all of the above”.. haha.. ;-]

9   web ~ 09 August 2004 at 09:03 AM

In true simplebits fashion I am going to answer by using a segment from each option.

I want to say C. But he is wicked at pixels and has a mastery of the CSS kung-fu.

10   Johnny Gulag ~ 09 August 2004 at 09:08 AM

I vote for all of the above but, I am constantly amazed at the amount of comments he gets.

11   aliotsy ~ 09 August 2004 at 09:17 AM

That’s a toughie, but I think I’ll go with C. I’m slightly inclined to go with A, but I think I first need to look up the W3C spec on “wicked.”

12   Keith ~ 09 August 2004 at 10:43 AM

No doubt, D) All of the above and more.

13   Daniel Oliver ~ 09 August 2004 at 12:20 PM

I agree with Darice de Cuba. He is certainly all of the above and quite a bit more. His book is great along with his blog writings. One of many designers to have inspired me.


14   Ryan Brill ~ 09 August 2004 at 01:55 PM

Definitely d) all of the above.

15   Rob Mientjes ~ 09 August 2004 at 03:00 PM

He is quite a phenomenon. I’d say all of them. He’s a pixelmaster, his CSS is l33t and he has a very popular blog.

16   Remi Prevost ~ 09 August 2004 at 05:22 PM

I think he’s a great designer and author before being a pixel art master. Also, probably one of the most read blogger on the web :)

So, B) + C)

17   Greg ~ 09 August 2004 at 11:22 PM

Cameron, you forgot Domestic Engineer/Home Depot Expert (the orange apron kind).

He’s the kind of guy that makes most men, including me, look really bad.

18   lolly ~ 10 August 2004 at 03:31 AM

Secreat answer d: a+b+c :o)

19   Small Paul ~ 10 August 2004 at 04:35 AM


20   Cameron Moll ~ 10 August 2004 at 06:22 AM

He’s gonna show us up in cycling now, too…

21   Yannick ~ 10 August 2004 at 07:57 AM

Yeah Cameron I was just about to add that one as well. That I guess is option (F) or (G) if you include what Greg said about him being a Domestic Engineer/Home Depot Expert. :)


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