~ 20 September 2004 ~

Last Friday witnessed the unceremonious announcement of Hiram.edu. However, allow a humble celebration to begin today, with greater fanfare later in the week.

Interestingly enough, you may be surprised to know I didn’t write a single line of markup on this particular project. In fact, it was the first site I hadn’t both coded and designed. Warranted recognition goes to Jonathan Linczak, Hiram’s webmaster, and Jason Seith, co-developer — Hiram’s entire web department.

The Hiram project is a quintessential example of the trade-offs we face as new media designers and developers. Unrestrained aspirations meet bounded resources. Perception meets reality. A classic example, indeed, where small budget and even smaller team produce a slightly less-than-ideal solution that still manages to shine radiently — especially after examing what’s under the hood.

And that’s exactly what we’ll do later this week. In the meantime, give Hiram.edu a look.


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