The geek will see you now

~ 15 October 2004 ~

So yesterday I’m perusing medical blogs for work-related marketing purposes. First time ever. Thought it would be as enjoyable as the annual physical.

Turns out they’re much more entertaining than I expected. And get this — some of the docs even write like real human beings. Yes way.

A few morsels of medical banter I encountered:

  • Suzie (who respectfully hides her full indentity for the sake of her patients):
“And let’s not forget the real highlight of the day. I spent a solid ten minutes this morning wrestling a large cockroach from a man’s ear. Cockroach. Large. Ear. Is the horror of this situation apparent?”

…excerpt from dr. orkin and other sad stories

  • Richard Winters, who doubles as the stadium physician at Fresno State games:
“The last call I had our team mascot slammed down the other team’s mascot. High acuity stuff. It should be an interesting season.”

…excerpt from Stadium Physician

  • Dr. Bradley, whose blog is aptly titled “Kill as few patients as possible”:
“Don’t ask me what these guys are thinking, but this is a real live local band… When we were finding pieces of Columbia all over town (including one little piece in our front yard), and when I was seeing the recovery crew members in the ER… I never imagined anything like this.”

…excerpt from Country Willie & The Space Shuttle Debris

“The online journal of a Pediatrics resident in New York City trying to get used to the idea of calling herself ‘Doctor’ without using those finger air quotes.”

I’m still adjusting to calling myself ‘dotcom geek’ without using those finger air quotes.


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