Beware Hyperhidrosis at SXSW

~ 08 March 2005 ~

If you’re present in next Monday’s Design Eye Panel at SXSW and you see me with a small towel on stage, here’s why.

Hyperhidrosis (hi-per-hi-dro-sis) is merely a fancy word for a condition of excessive sweating. Yup, that’s it. And for me it’s primarily in the palms. Big time.

This made drumming quite difficult in my younger years, among other things. It was either go bare-handed and risk flinging a slippery stick in the middle of a performance, or go all-out Van Halen style and wear those zany black leather gloves with the fingertips cut off. Yessir, those ones. I ended up choosing the former method (sans gloves), and I’m pleased to report only a few incidents occurred with no injuries to audience members.

So if I see you at SXSW, by all means please come and greet me. Just ignore the wet sponge that is my hand when you shake it.

See you in Austin.


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