Book: CSS Mastery

~ 20 September 2005 ~

I’ve been Amazoned.

Believe me, that’s a rather bizarre sentence to pen; one I thought I’d never write.

Long story short, I’ve had the fortunate pleasure of teaming up with Simon Collison to provide case studies for an upcoming book championed by Andy Budd: CSS Mastery: Advanced Web Standards Solutions. The book won’t be ready for a few months, but might as well break the news now, as have Andy and Simon. More here and here.

Andy will walk the reader through advanced techniques for CSS/XHTML development, while Simon and I will wield the mighty sword of pixel and prose to render living examples of the presented techniques. I’m rather excited to be working alongside two of the Brit Pack’s finest, and just as excited to see the title line my bookshelf.

I believe a little “Woohoo!” might be in order…


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