First to market, or first to profitability?

~ 27 February 2006 ~

Ever get the urge to write about something, and then when you’re ready to write about it you find out someone else just posted on the very same topic?

That happened to me today. I’ve had an article in mind for a while now. Working title was the one used for this post. Another was “Web 2.0: Strategy need not apply?”.

Yet, no need to author that article, as Jason earlier today summarized a post from Russell, both of whom argue much of what I would have said: Where’d the biz models go with many of the so-called Web 2.0 businesses?

Some call it a new breed of web apps, but I call it reminiscent of the “first to market” mentality from previous years. I’m all for innovation and entrepreneurship, but how about “first to profitability”?


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