Portfolio update

~ 03 April 2006 ~

Screen grab of ye olde updated portfolio

It’s been more than 2 years since the design of this version of my site went live, and the aesthetics haven’t been altered much since. That changes today, but only for a portion of this site.

cameronmoll.com/portfolio underwent excruciating plastic surgery and emerged today with new color, a wider layout, and other fancy enhancements. The overall page weight is quite heavy (+400 KB), but I figured it was a hit worth taking given a mostly broadband target audience. But most of all I’m pleased with the underlying markup and bulletproof-ness of the page, especially the sidebar, which turned out to be a difficult but enjoyable challenge.

There’s some disparity between this page and the rest of the site in terms of color, typefaces, and so on. But I have plans to update the rest of the site accordingly, so I can live with a temporary disconnect.

A big shout-out to Jason Gaylor as the creator of a couple brushes used in the making of the page. Jason really should be charging for his brushes, because they’re really that good. In the meantime, I donated. You might consider doing the same if you find the brushes useful.

Other cheatery provided by iStockphoto and a few miscellany type ornaments.


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