~ 02 May 2006 ~


Dad goes upstairs to check on boys in shower. Finds hair covering shower floor. Sees older brother hiding Mom’s razor, and younger brother with puzzled expression. Shall I finish the story, or… ?



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1   Robin Cawser ~ 02 May 2006 at 11:17 AM

Oh man, that could’ve been dangerous. I once did that to my brother with my dads electric shaver (a long time ago!)

2   Blagoj ~ 02 May 2006 at 11:18 AM

I’m Sorry, but this is funny. Something to talk about when the boys grow up.

3   Croaky ~ 02 May 2006 at 11:18 AM

As an older brother, I can say that you caught them in early in the act! That looks like a relatively easy fix, unless there is some chunks taken out of the front and top we can’t see… :)

4   Zack Kirby ~ 02 May 2006 at 11:29 AM

Please continue. As the father of 3 boys, I love to hear other stories of “brotherly love.”

5   Natalie Jost ~ 02 May 2006 at 11:29 AM

OMG, my daughter just did the same thing a couple of weeks ago, but the front and with scissors. I think every kid does it, but it’s probably easier with a boy. My little girl when from Shirley Temple to Joe Dirt in about 2 minutes while I was washing dishes! I did my best to fix the damage, but she still looks like a boy until it grows out. :(

6   Cameron Moll ~ 02 May 2006 at 11:35 AM

Natalie - Exactly. When a boy does it, it’s not that big a deal. Shave it off, trim it, whatever. Our third son did the same just a few weeks ago, but with scissors. Off went all of his hair with attachment #3 (3/8 inch).

But when GIRLS do it, there’s just no easy fix, is there?

7   BigA ~ 02 May 2006 at 11:37 AM

Man I feel your parental pain. I remember when our daughter decided her bangs were too long. She cut them right back to the top of her head.

8   Shaun Inman ~ 02 May 2006 at 11:54 AM

Hehe, this isn’t just a sibling on sibling problem. I remember one time my dad was watching the game while cutting my younger brother’s hair. He was using the short attachment while trimming the back, got distracted by a run and without changing attachments went to work on the front.

As a child a buzz cut is at least a tolerable fix but for a teenage boy it’s rarely the preferred option. It was a good thing I had a steady hand from years of drawing and painting or my brother might have never forgiven my dad.

9   Cameron Moll ~ 02 May 2006 at 12:01 PM

Ha, my sweet wife, bless her innocence, did something similar while forgetting to put *any* attachment on the trimmer, and noticed only after doing a full strip in the back. The resulting fix was the closest I’ve ever come to a “military style” haircut.

10   Damian ~ 02 May 2006 at 12:32 PM

Awesome. I’ve got a 2 year old and a 1 month old, both boys. I’m looking forward to their hijinks. :)

11   mattc ~ 02 May 2006 at 12:43 PM

When I was six my Dad was supposed to be watching us while my Mom was at work. Instead he watched TV. I took the opportunity to try out my new Crayola scissors and cut all the hair off of my younger sisters (two and four). All my mom could do was buzz it down and put them in a wide assortment of hats. For months people thought my sisters had leukemia.

12   Pedro ~ 02 May 2006 at 12:44 PM

Halarious. Thanks for sharing and with perfect commentary on your part

and younger brother with puzzled expression.

13   Cameron Moll ~ 02 May 2006 at 12:45 PM


14   Cameron Moll ~ 02 May 2006 at 12:50 PM

(lol for mattc’s story — too funny)

15   Matt ~ 02 May 2006 at 01:12 PM

I wish I could say I had a brother that did that to me… Unfortunately it was I who went ahead and gave myself a hair cut with crayola scissors, while watching Pinocchio and eating a box full of clorets…

16   Michelle Flynn ~ 02 May 2006 at 01:21 PM

GASP! That son of yours must be quite talented to have accoomplished that many razor stokes safely..!

17   Stacy Westbrook ~ 02 May 2006 at 01:46 PM

In the first grade, back when I had long hair, I cut a large chunk out of the front of my hair. Two days before school photos were taken, of course! And then I blamed it on Thad Smith, the class scapegoat (he drooled and was big for his age).

18   alvin ~ 02 May 2006 at 01:58 PM

As much as it is very funny, it also sounds very dangerous. Oh dear…

19   Tony ~ 02 May 2006 at 02:05 PM

My parrents have told me that my brother had been doing this to me regularly when we were children.
btw he is a hairdresser nowadays

20   Ara Pehlivanian ~ 02 May 2006 at 02:11 PM

Hmmm, we’ve been thinking of the possibility of having a second. Good to know of what goes on when you’ve got more than one. Thanks for sharing! :-)

21   Mark ~ 02 May 2006 at 02:17 PM

I havent had the kids cut their hair yet. But my 18-month old daughter did happen to find her way into a bottle of vaseline. She managed to get about half the bottle rubbed well into her once beautiful mane of hair.

It took about 5 corn starch shampoo treatments to get it back to normal.

22   Rachel ~ 02 May 2006 at 02:49 PM

My 8 year old chopped a chunk out of the front of her hair a couple of years ago, the most annoying thing about this was she had just grown her hair to all one length, long enough for me to be able to put it up easily for her ballet class. We are still battling with the tuft escaping from the required hairstyle (resulting in me being told off by terrifying ballet teachers for my lack of hairstyling ability and control over my child ;) )

23   Susan ~ 02 May 2006 at 03:55 PM

Guess everyone has a similar story.
My very A-Type personality brother wanted to whisper to my sister - so he cut away a chunk of her hair - because it was simply “in the way”.

Just a chunk. No more, no less. Not very attractive.

Love the story and the photo Cameron!

24   Cliftonite ~ 02 May 2006 at 04:06 PM

I wonder if your son has any idea how many people have seen the back of his head now.

If he were 16, he’d prolly be pretty peeved at dad right now. :)

25   Brandon ~ 02 May 2006 at 04:26 PM

I did the same thing to my younger sister when I was like 4 or 5 (she was 2). I asked her if she wanted a haircut, took some scissors and hacked of a huge chunk. Funny thing, she didn’t tell my parents until I was like 13. Now that is what I call loyalty. Thanks Lisa!

26   ML ~ 02 May 2006 at 05:01 PM

I don’t know what’s funnier - the older brother actually shaving the head or the younger brother sitting there letting him do it.


27   AG ~ 02 May 2006 at 05:46 PM

They all do it! My two boys have done the same and even far worse. You get mileage from it later since you have a photo! The fun of being parents is watching your kids do this kind of thing. It’s what makes it worthwhile! So glad he wasnt cut, that would have been awful!

28   Tina ~ 02 May 2006 at 07:07 PM

Yes, they all do it. When my son was three, not only did he cut his own hair….he held the cat down and cut the whiskers off the cat too.

29   Anura ~ 02 May 2006 at 09:36 PM

For God’s sake, just don’t keep reminding them as adults.

When I was about 4, the cat sort-of walked between some scissor blades I was holding and lost all the whiskers on one side.

As a 40 year old, any conversation about scissors, hair, cats or anything remotely associated with them results in that old story being dragged out. Yeah, right, really funny Mum… not!

30   Rick Curran ~ 03 May 2006 at 03:06 AM

Wow! I know a couple of small girls who cut each others beautiful long hair off, it was really sad because they thought they could just stick it back on. I think they may have had some kind of dolly that works like that.

My wife and I now take real good care to hide scissors from my own daughter!

31   Justin ~ 03 May 2006 at 07:51 AM

That’s funny. I have a kid on the way, so I guess I have some things to look forward to.

32   Wible ~ 03 May 2006 at 08:26 AM

Sorry dude, but that’s a riot. Of course, now I’ve doomed my little red-haired girl to some kind of karmic head shearing because I laughed… but still, come on - that’s a funny pic!

33   Lucian ~ 03 May 2006 at 08:45 AM

My wife, then my girlfriend, assured me that she read the manual on how to use the new high-tech electric razor we bought. Didn’t take long for me to realize she was holding the razor upside down.

It doesn’t matter what attachment you put on the razor when you stick the front end (inside of the broad underside) on to the head and start pulling.

34   SEO Position ~ 03 May 2006 at 09:18 AM

LOL! that reminds me of myself cutting my own hair - and I’m 32.

About a year ago I slipped with the electric clippers and heard the clippers bog down (kind of like mowing the yard and then hitting a patch of grass about 18” tall :)

Next thing you know I had to go all the way and shave my head to about 1” all around.

Quite embarrassing I must add. I can’t wait until our 2 year old has a brother or sister to do that too. Priceless.

35   Cameron Moll ~ 03 May 2006 at 09:53 AM

Cliftonite, Anura - Precisely why I’ve withheld the innocent victim’s name and shown only the back of his head.

36   Richard Rutter ~ 03 May 2006 at 11:09 AM

That’s fantastic :-) and now thanks to Daddy’s website the whole world will know about this forever, complete with pictorial evidence.

I’m an older brother but I actually did this to myself when I was little (actually I used a pair of scissors to remove a huge chunk of fringe, but near enough). Don’t tell anyone though, I’m still embarrassed about the hair affair.

37   DaveMo ~ 03 May 2006 at 12:55 PM

When I was that age (early 60’s - Okay, I’m OLD, alright?), we lived on a Naval base and Dad used to send us to the base barber who was a Marine and hated kids I’m sure of it. Buzz cuts were the ONLY style he knew (For tow bits what did we expect?). Many were the times I got off his chair with a bit less ear than when I got on it.

One day I found the clippers Mom had in a closet somewhere and must have decided I could give myself a better haircut than that sadist at the shop could, so I did.

I ended up with a reverse mohawk, freaked out and ran to my room and pretended to be asleep when the parents found the evidence. They did not fix it. At least right away.

The next day we went to the airport to pick up the Grandparents and somewhere in the family album is a picture of all of us and me trying to cover my new ‘do while looking like I’m shading my eyes.

Unfortunately, I guess I didn’t learn my lesson because several years ago I was trying to save a buck and attempted to cut my own hair again. This time the clip-on comb fell off just as I was trimming a spot and RRRIIZZZ! Oops!

The next day I had to be best man at a friends wedding, so what do you do? Buzz-cut!

Oh well, now my wife or another trained professional cuts my hair.

Being your own barber is very much like being your own lawyer.

38   Brandon ~ 03 May 2006 at 05:48 PM

Could be worse….

At Christmas one year I was recovering from a tonsillectomy, had some metal scissors and was still loopy from the anesthesia. I was putting the cool metal on my face and opening and closing the scissors. My sister came in, laughed at me and told my mom that I had shorn off half of one of my eyebrows.

I was super embarassed.

Not to mention the fear I had to return to school for that the first day of school after a holiday break. So I tried to re-draw in my eyebrow with a sharpie.

What a mockery I was in school for the next few weeks until it grew back in. I was 12 and the 6th grade was already hard enough - I really didn’t need the utter embarrassment to boot.

39   john ~ 03 May 2006 at 06:38 PM

My buddies daughter did that with scissors…by the time they caught her, she had hacked off over half of the hair on the top of her head.

She wore hats for about 6 months.

40   Mike ~ 04 May 2006 at 04:32 AM

Thankfully mine haven’t taken to this type of thing, um, yet.

For all you new or soon to be parents, there is a bright side to parenthood… its not all lopping off body parts.

Great story!

41   Gaston Gosselin ~ 04 May 2006 at 06:33 AM


We’ve been lucky in the “haircutting” department. With our FIVE kids especially. One or two have tried it, but never really got very far. Though my third oldest especially likes scissors and cutting things with them. He gave my daughter’s yarn-haired doll a haircut once. And only once.

I should tell you the story of my missing contact lenses, and the boy who, we found out later, ate them.

42   Gunnar ~ 04 May 2006 at 06:42 AM

You just gotta love kids! ;)
I’ve got two boys myself (and another child on the way. ETA is today!) and I’m just waiting for them to do something like this… anyday now…

Thanks for a hilarious time reading the article and all the comments!

43   Bradley D ~ 04 May 2006 at 07:34 AM

I have twin sisters who are a few years younger than I, and when I was 5 I thought they needed haircuts. So I took it upon myself to start in on it. About halfway through one of my sisters hair my mom walked in and freaked the h3ll out.

Funny part is this, they both had hair that was about 2 feet long, and being twins in the 80’s they had to look the same — so ultimately they both DID get their haircuts ;) ! Score one for the 5 year old, it was worth the 2 week grounding for sure.

44   Kevin ~ 04 May 2006 at 08:39 AM

My story’s a bit more embarassing. I’m 15 now, but I remember when I was about 8 having patterns shaved into your head was in at the time. So I’m in 3rd grade, and I’m at a friends house and we decide to shave each others heads with cool patterns.

My turn was first so I shaved his name into the back of his head: STEVEN in big letters. So I was up next. I sat down int he chair and he asked what I wanted. I believe I asked for my name with a skateboard or something. About halfway home (I was riding shotgun while he was int he back seat) he started laughing. Well, to make the story short, he had shaved agiant breast into the back of my head, or what he thought one looked like. I went a week and a half through school before finally shaving it off. Luckily nobody in my grade knew what a breast was, so I got off pretty easy, but it’s a funny story to tell nonetheless.

I feel bad for your son, who’ll eventually spend a day ro two browsing your archives, and them stumble upon this embarassing photo.

45   Stefan Seiz ~ 04 May 2006 at 02:09 PM

Younger brother is sad to have lost his hair - dad had nothing better to do than to document the desaster photographicaly ;-)

Isn’t it weird what wackos we technocrats sometimes are?
Like me - on vacation on Corsica - when my wife got stung by a wasp right into her lips which were swelling like crazy and she looked like a monster. Guess what i did right before taking her to a hospital? Where’s the camera - where’s the friggin camera

46   shane Guymon ~ 05 May 2006 at 02:38 PM

that is hilariouse. I grew up in a family of 6 kids, and four of which was boys (me included) and we never did anything like this to eachother, we had other weapons of distruction, so I’m sure my mother has more than enough memories, as well as stories. None the less, the picture in itself tells the whole story, what a perfect post, just a short intro. I jsut looked at the picture already knowing what was in store, then I read the intro, and I my eyes went directly back to the photo, and next came LAUPHTER (and I’m at work) so everyone turned to look at me and without reading they saw the picture on the screen and all started lauphing as well I hope you don’t mind…

47   Alexis Bellido ~ 05 May 2006 at 02:54 PM

Oh boy, careful with those kids :)

My four years old daughter did it with scissors some months ago, fortunately she was just making some “retouches” and didn’t cut too much.

The one who lost all her hair was the poor Barbie, she looks like Sinnead O’Connor now…

48   Ray ~ 07 May 2006 at 08:33 PM

I shaved my whole head including eyebrows when I was about four. Now I’m forty four and I want to do it again… but not the eye brows just the head.

Kids have the best fun.

49   Joel ('ju:femaiz) ~ 07 May 2006 at 08:44 PM

Go the faux mo on (both of) them!!!

50   Macro ~ 08 May 2006 at 09:23 AM

Ah..funny…I got a hold of scissors when I was a kid (Oh, I’m a female)…nice long hair…well you know the story…buzz cut for the summer…it was great, nice and cool in the heat and humidity…not to mention swimming trials……!!!!…I think best hair cut I’ve ever had…I remember years later as an adult I saw katherine Hepburn with a short hair cut when she was I think 9…so I guess I’m in good company!…

51   Comstrate ~ 22 May 2006 at 07:18 PM

Sorry, but this is very very funny.
Look forward!

Greetz from Germany


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