Free W3C webinar: “Mobile Web Design”

~ 19 July 2006 ~


On the return flight from London following @media, I casually thumbed through one of the exquisite, superbly written airline magazines, replete with markings from the previous customer’s(s’) food and fingerprints. It was at this point, perhaps dulled by the scent of rehashed content, that I leaned over to Suzanne and muttered, “I’m done with conference speaking for a while. It’s sooo exhausting to fly around the globe giving presentations on technical topics.”

I came home, firm as ever to hold true to this new resolve.

And then I promptly gave in just a few weeks later. Alas, my resolution to speak less apparently wasn’t a very fervent one.

Just in the last few weeks I’ve given the initial thumbs up to several speaking invites, and it looks as if I’ll be speaking at least monthly through almost the end of the year, both nationally and internationally. I’ll announce several of these in the coming weeks, but for now take note of one occurring next week:

  • Free W3C webinar: “Mobile Web Design”
  • When: Wednesday, July 26 2006
  • Time: 12pm Paris / 11am London / 6am New York (yes, that’s 6 AM for us yanks!)
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • For: Those experienced with XHTML/CSS and good markup techniques, but unsure about/interested in this “mobile Web thing”

The material will be quite similar to my session at @media last month, and registration is limited to less than 100 attendees. So, if you saw me speak at @media, please allow room for those who didn’t.

Fill out an application here.

And if you’re selected, I’ll see you bright and early next Wednesday morning.


Based on some of the mail I’ve received, it’s apparent I may have confused some of you. “Webinar” — a term, admittedly, I’ve never been fond of, but I suppose it’s better than “seminar given over the web” — means this will be a teleconference with you following the slides on your PC.

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