Seasons of change

~ 22 June 2004 ~

Change is good. Physically… Socially… And especially in the discrete matter of tighty whities.

As of yesterday, I’m no longer on payroll at Internet Development, Inc (IDI).

After nearly five years of success, hundreds of projects, and even a bit of misfit fun, I proactively stepped down as Creative Director to take a position as Marketing Communications Manager at AdvancedMD.


But the career move is by no means a step down.

AdvancedMD is a growing company with an incredible product and stable brand. Specializing in medical billing software, AdvancedMD offered me the opportunity to take the brand from stable to stellar and I swallowed the bait.

Design Eye for the Medical Guy? You bet. (I can’t take credit for the site, though — it predates my employment.)

Long-time colleague and Assistant Creative Director Blake Scarbrough was promoted to take over the helm at IDI. Props to Blake as he rides the wave of his nascent journey.

What to expect moving forward? Expect the same ol’ Authentic Boredom, but now likely with a healthy serving of what I said I would talk about plus extensive print design. The way I see it, there are plenty of us blogging about web design, so why not throw a little marketing and print design into the mix?

Don’t expect a Seth Godin out of me, but do expect to learn a few new tricks. “Play dead” and “fetch” excluded.


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