ALA does it again

~ 11 August 2004 ~

I swear A List Apart is reading my mind.

This is the second time it’s happened. The first was a few months back when a reader inquired about resources on the topic of standards compliant email marketing, encouraging me to pen an article for ALA if such resources were in short order. The very next day ALA posts an article on the subject. Read more in this brief entry.

On Monday evening, I posted linkage to Ned Batchelder’s site, demonstrating Google highlighting. One reader then contacted me and informed me of an article by Cal Henderson. Another contacted me about Google’s ‘Cached’ link at the bottom of each listing, which does basically the same using cached pages. (Surprisingly, I wasn’t even aware of this, but I still find it relatively useless to have to do for each listing I click.)

And then ALA did it again.

Again the very next day (yesterday), ALA publishes “Enhance Usability by Highlighting Search Terms” by Brian Suda and Matt Riggott.

Big ups to ALA and crew.


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