SSGC IV: Most Delicious Screen Grab

~ 21 June 2005 ~

With pleasure I announce the winner of Screen Grab Confab, vol. IV: Philadelphia-based designer Jody Ferry.

Jody’s screen grab combines a colorful palette and rich textures, leaving one begging to see more.

Honestly, it was quite difficult choosing a winner among more than 200 solid entries. I suppose I dug a hole for myself at the outset by assuming it would be easy to crown a single screen grab as most delicious. Not exactly. Nonetheless, a big thank-you to all participants.

Featured below are roughly 30 screens for your enjoyment. If yours isn’t featured, worry not — more than anything this is just a selection of screens that are representative of all entries combined. Todd Dominey’s SlideShowPro photo gallery component is at use, and a hat tip to Mike Davidson for the original idea. (This was my first time using SSP, btw, and I was literally in awe of its ease of use and flexibility. Kudos, Todd.)


As for Jody, he’ll soon receive a couple of fonts, a Miles Davis album, a Veer tee, a Jewelboxing 20pack, and a $100 account at Campaign Monitor. A big shout-out to Jewelboxing and Campaign Monitor for adding their wares to the prize package.

And speaking of Philly, it must be something in the water that fuels the local design talent, eh?


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