LLDS.org comps

~ 10 July 2006 ~

Before leaving Utah, I had the distinct pleasure of working briefly with the team at LDS Church headquarters in Salt Lake City; an enthusiastic and talented team responsible for a ton of internal and external websites and apps, most of which the public never sees.

Long story short, they were (and still are) overseeing the redesign of LDS.org, and I was asked to step in towards the end of the project to add my take on the visuals. Much like a pinch hitter I suppose, I offered my best shot under the constraints of a very short timeframe and produced a few comps.

LDS comp

Hindsight is certainly 20/20 as they say, but while there are things I may have done differently, I think I managed to pull off some solid designs in the time given. Yet perhaps the most enjoyable part was meeting with Gilbert Lee and his team, discussing projects, processes, and life as a designer/developer working for a rather large religious organization. (Who knew such an organization would be so keen on agile development!) All the best, guys.


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